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Co-founder, Ko School + Incubator, Conscious Capitalism, Radical Social Entrepreneurs, lead author of Be the Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World's Problems, author of The Habit of Thought: From Socratic Seminars to Socratic Practice.

Are Sweden’s For-Profit Voucher-Funded Schools that Promote Creativity the Future of Learning?

Good Magazine has a nice profile of for-profit chain Vittra’s newest school, with the headline “Is Sweden’s Classroom-Free School the Future of Learning?” The article concludes, The open nature of the campus and the unusual furniture arrangements reflect the school’s … Continue reading

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The Conscious Creation of Culture as the Goal of Education

I live in a world that is so normal to me that I forget that even most educated people don’t live in this world.  I rarely watch television:  I don’t watch sports, news, political debates or campaigns, advertising, celebrity gossip, … Continue reading

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Learnable Intelligence and Taking Refined Pedagogical Practices Seriously

I recently wrote Charles Manski regarding his article “Genes, Eyeglasses, and Social Policy,” in which he argues that regardless of the heritability of IQ, that fact is irrelevant to social policy, much as the heritability of genetic defects in vision … Continue reading

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Aligning Value Creation with Profitability Across Society

Most students of economics understand that one can more deeply align entrepreneurial value creation with environmental sustainability by ensuring that the costs of environmental degradation are internalized into the prices of products.  To take a simple example, because in most … Continue reading

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If We Had a Way to Increase IQ and Develop the Prefrontal Cortex of Inner City Youth Would We Implement It?

One of the founders of Montessori MadMen, a group of fathers who are passionate about promoting Montessori education, loved “The Creation of Conscious Culture through Educational Innovation” but was concerned that in an education market, the poor would be underserved: I … Continue reading

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School Choice as a Response to Robert Frank’s Case for the Rational Libertarian

While I’ve not read Robert Frank’s most recent book, The Darwin Economy:  Liberty, Competition, and the Common Good, based on reviews it seems to be an elaboration of an argument that Frank has been making for thirty years:  That competition … Continue reading

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Waldorf Educators Leaders in Promoting School Choice in New York

I’ve long believed that the most stalwart advocates of school choice should be those educators committed to create a better world through healthier, more human culture. Through years of experience as an educator myself working to create better culture, I … Continue reading

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